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Nonprofits in America

Renew America’s Nonprofits

Join CEDA and 11 Million Acres in applying for the US Department of Energy’s "Renew America's Nonprofits" grant of up to $200,000 to upgrade your facilities with energy-efficient measures, delivering a more sustainable and healthy facility for your organization. 

For many nonprofits, energy expenses are the most significant operating cost behind salaries. Renew America's Nonprofits aims to lower energy costs and deliver healthier, more sustainable facilities for nonprofits.

  • Nonprofits must be legally established a 501(c)(3) in the US

  • They must have a physical workplace in the US and own the facility

  • Priority will be given to projects that will achieve significant energy and cost savings

  • LED Lighting

  • HVAC equipment upgrades or replacement

  • Boiler upgrades or replacement

  • Roof insulation or replacement

  • Door or window replacements or resealing

  • Building automation systems

  • And more


Eligible projects


Oct. 20

Nov. 10

Dec. 1

Dec. 17


Initial consultation call

Data collection

Final analysis

Application development + submission

Grant approval (followed by project kickoff)

Here’s how CEDA + 11 Million Acres can help

The grant proceeds will only cover a portion of your total project costs. CEDA + 11 Million Acres can supplement through:

  • Finding additional funding through utility rebates and local incentive programs

  • Monetizing Section 179D tax benefits

  • Flexible payment terms to pay for the project over time


Whether supplemented by DOE grants or not (like the case study that follows), we can make your upgrade aspirations a reality.

A top down shot directly above a school building during the day. It has many solar panels on the roof.

Check out our case study to see how we helped renew a nonprofit like yours

We did this with a Chicagoland nonprofit organization and its six community center locations, reducing costs by 20% on the way to a more sustainable future.

They needed to reduce their energy spend and replace failing equipment like old lighting HVAC units, boilers, and pool pumps. We took advantage of lucrative rebates and incentives to wholly benefit the organization.

The result is a healthier and more comfortable environment for the community and staff.
It's hard to keep up with new legislation and tax breaks encouraging sustainable energy popping up all the time. And hard to take action.

We can help navigate the complexity to get you moving quickly + efficiently.

Chicago nonprofits

Here’s what we did together:



and then navigated the complexity to deliver much needed energy efficiency upgrades and equipment replacement



with rebates and tax incentives to reduce the project cost by nearly 20%



by allowing the organization to pay for the project over time, using energy and operating savings, preserving their CapEx budget and building budget certainty

And here it is, by the numbers:


in upfront costs



in utility rebates



in tax incentives

Now what?

Let’s set up a call where we’ll discuss how the grants work, how we can help you apply, and how we can supplement the grant’s power with additional financing solutions.

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