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We design, deliver and manage end-to-end energy solutions and decarbonization strategies.

Energy Savings

Reduce energy demand from the grid by implementing energy-efficient equipment and onsite generation and storage systems to maximize savings and reduce exposure to energy market volatility.

Rebate Administration

Leverage our national database of over 100,000 utility rebates to reduce project costs.

Maintenance Savings

New equipment and a robust energy management strategy result in longer equipment life, lower maintenance costs, and fewer unplanned service calls. 

Capex Preservation

Preserve your CapEx budget by leveraging our capital solutions to implement required energy solutions, equipment upgrades, and infrastructure with zero upfront costs.

Tax Benefits

We design and implement energy projects to maximize lucrative tax benefits to boost project economics.

Energy Solutions

Sustainability & Decarbonization Advisory
Energy Conservation Measures
Distributive Energy
Energy Infrastructure

Purchasing Options

Fund projects over time through annual savings.

11 Million Acres is investing billions of dollars into energy and infrastructure projects to drive sustainability, resiliency, and healthier communities. Learn more how 11 Million Acres can provide flexible purchasing options so you can you get more done.

Industries We Serve

Project Development & Implementation Process

Experience-driven process + Technology Experts + Qualified Technicians

Rebate Administration

Our growing proprietary database includes over 100,000 utility rebates across hundreds of utilities. Rebates offset the cost of projects and are often a requirement to meet project ROI targets. We design projects to maximize rebate value to drive greater returns on investment. We provide rebate administration from application creation through measurement and verification to save you time while we save you money.

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Tax Benefits Analysis & Certification

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 is a landmark United States federal law which aims to curb inflation by, among other initiatives, investing into domestic energy production while promoting clean energy. The IRA provides massive tax incentives for implementing energy efficient technology and investing in renewable energy systems like solar, wind, fuel cells, combined heat and power, and battery storage. 11 Million Acres and its partners provide tax benefit analysis and certification for energy projects to ensure you can take advantage of these important incentives.

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Energy. Expertise. Delivered.

11 Million Acres is a consortium of experts and professionals with deep experience in energy, technology, finance, tax advisory, and project development to create more value and better position your energy program for success.

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