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Our microGRID solutions combine cutting-edge solar, fuel cell, and battery technology to provide low-cost around-the-clock power and resiliency against grid failure and all weather conditions.


Make gains towards sustainability goals by implementing clean power generation technology.


Power generated onsite is often less expensive than power from the grid and provides a more cost-effective solution to attain sustainability goals.


Generate and store power onsite to support mission-critical systems when the grid fails.


Our turnkey project development process streamlines implementation and eliminates business interruptions.


Fund project implementation over time through a cost of power that is less-expensive than power from the grid.


  • Modular

  • Standardized

  • Expedited Deployment

  • Savings

  • Green Energy Attributes

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  • Custom-build

  • Mission-critical 

  • Experience-Driven Development

  • Savings

  • Efficient Capital

Solar PV

Utility Integrated Controls

Battery Storage

System Monitoring

Dispatchable Generation

Service and Maintenance

Purchasing Options

We offer flexible project payment options tailored to your procurement requirements. Project financing enables the implementation of more meaningful energy efficiency and infrastructure projects, greater annual savings, and the attainment of valuable utility rebates and tax incentives today. 

Our clients save money and manage risk via a simple and transparent process where the cost of power is less expensive than conventional energy solutions (energy from the grid, old equipment, etc.).


Operations & Maintenance Capabilities

Our national network of certified technicians are trained to service all equipment and software to support ongoing maintenance of microgrids. By owning and operating our systems, we remove the headache of maintenance for you.



Transfer Switches

Load Bank Testing

Remote Monitoring

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Energy. Expertise. Delivered.

11 Million Acres is a consortium of experts and professionals with deep experience in energy, technology, finance, tax advisory, and project development to create more value and better position your energy program for success.


Are you ready to energize your operational efficiency and sustainability goal achievement?

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