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Big roofs
Big bucks
Big breaks

Turn unused space into economic advantages and sustainability centers

Why are you a good fit for our Big Roofs Program?

It’s our turnkey solution for businesses like yours – big box retailers, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and more – which includes:

Onsite solar

Battery storage

EV charging stations

And you can achieve these sustainable advancements in an economically impressive way:

  • Fast access to onsite energy production, storage, and charging

  • Significant sustainability gains

  • Increase in NOI for your assets

  • Zero investment from you

  • Zero increase in your property taxes

  • Monetization of utility rebates and IRA tax incentives

How does it work?

  • Cost savings: We bring turnkey project development and finance the systems through a power purchase agreement (PPA). A PPA means less expensive power than the grid which in turn means net savings.

  • Increased revenue: A roof lease means net new revenue and monetization of untapped space. 

  • CapEx preservation: The PPA has flexible terms and requires zero investment, preserving your CapEx budget for other planned improvements.

Want some proof?

Check out our case study for an Illinois retailer


# of locations


Annual cost/location


Annual savings



10yr PPA

Project cost


Rebates secured


11 Million Acres PPA

And another comparison

An analysis of a current 11 Million Acres project

Total system size 3,000 kW-DC | 200 locations

Required investment

$4.8M - $6.1M





to ROI

8-12.5 years



30% renewable energy

30% renewable energy

If you want to self-finance, we can assist with turnkey development, including rebate administration and monetizing IRA tax incentives

Normal CapEx investment

Now what?

Let’s talk and figure out how to turn unused space on your properties into revenue streams and sustainability centers.

Thanks for submitting!

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