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We don't just bring the energy, we bring it to life. 

11 Million Acres (11MM) harnesses the nation’s leading energy infrastructure & technology, engineering best-practices, world-class integrators and capital to deliver a revolutionary energy and real estate development platform.  

Commercial property owners and real estate developers across the nation choose 11MM to increase operating income and access our hyper-efficient capital for their new construction and redevelopment projects.

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What we bring to you.

Increased net operating income for real estate

We design, engineer, integrate, and fund your energy optimization roadmap. This includes energy efficiency, power production and energy storage best practices for all real estate asset types. The results are more efficient buildings with lowered operating expenses, portfolios with increased net operating income and redundancy to the grid.

Efficient capital for new construction or redevelopment

11MM has access to nearly $1billion of capital specifically designed to reduce recourse, maximize return and retain the most equity for our clients and their development projects.

True partnership

Our relationship with our clients is more than transactional; it’s a partnership. A partnership with 11MM gives you access to an ecosystem of strategic relationships and resources that keep your energy clean and your projects profitable. 

How we can partner

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Via consulting on energy management, tariff reviews + restructuring, competitive procurement, monetizing tax deductions, and more, we show you how clean energy can work better for you and your developments.


    Our capital platform boosts the development of real estate, both new development and rehab. By drawing on efficient capital sources and structuring revolutionary financial products, we can drastically reduce your capital costs. 


    Our capital products can

    • Give you up to 85% of the total development budget

    • Include off-balance sheet and non-recourse options

    • Be structured for subprime borrowers


    We partner with you to develop comprehensive energy plans. From new construction to redevelopment projects, we integrate best practices for energy reduction and onsite production strategies, designed to take advantage of energy incentives and cost-effective capital from our energy funds.

    Energy reduction

    From LED Lighting and controls to refrigeration, HVAC, and building management systems, 11MM Energy delivers the world’s leading energy efficiency technologies to optimize your company’s energy roadmap.


    Energy production

    If you have a large energy budget, we'll partner with you to design and construct reliable and safe onsite energy production systems such as solar, wind, geothermal, gas-turbines, and cogeneration systems, resulting in energy costs well below local utility rates. 

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    Energy storage

    As costs continue to streamline, energy storage will have a more significant role in your company’s energy strategy. We can help you realize the economical benefits of off-peak usage and storage.

    let's get to work.

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